Orienteer Using a Paper Map

Getting a paper map

Pick up a map in Daylesford

Free full colour map leaflets are available from the Daylesford Visitor Information Centre, 98 Vincent St, just south (towards Ballan) of the Post Office.

If you have colour vision impairment then ask for that special map version.

If you are using the TrailRider then ask if the special map version is available.

Download a map to print at home

Download an A4 full colour 2 page PDF comprising map and information. The map has all control site circles and on the reverse side you can see which ones are on each course. Just draw lines on the map to connect the control sites for your chosen course. Familiarise yourself with the tips on with how to orienteer a course then go and try one.

Course overviews

Short & easy course

  • A great introduction to Cornish Hill & orienteering.
  • 1.3km via tracks.
  • About 30 minutes walk, 15 minutes run.

Medium & moderate course

  • Learning more about Cornish Hill and/or more about orienteering.
  • 2.9km via tracks.
  • About 70 minutes walk, 35 run

Long & harder course

  • More features & more route chocie
  • 4.7km via tracks.
  • About 90 minutes walk, 45 run.

DIY course

This option contains all the control points of the above 3 plus extras. You make up your own course in a sequence you choose.

Those secret codes

The codes to show you visited each control site correctly are found here.