Daylesford Permanent Orienteering Course

What is a POC?

POC is short for Permanent Orienteering Course. The latter is rather a mouthful and RSI inducing so we generally use the shorter form.

Three good videos on orienteering

Where is the Daylesford POC?

The POC is in the Cornish Hill Reserve just 10 minute walk from the Visitor Information Centre. The Start and Finish are at the Cornish Hill lookout car park in Orford St. This is just above Daylesford Community Park otherwise known as the Skate Park.

From the Post Office or nearby Visitor Information Centre, head south towards Ballan. Take the first left into Stanbridge St, second right into Argus Rd, join Orford St and the lookout car park is just 50m on your right. If you walked, then you are now nicely warmed up.

Groups and schools may prefer to use the Community Park which is on a corner of Stanbridge & Duke Sts. This has coaster bus parking, toilets, shelter, bbq (press for 30 seconds to start), playground. The start is accessible from the park via a track up the hill or if you use our custom maps, you can start and finish at the Community Park.

How to use the Daylesford POC

Whether you use the smart device app MOBO or the traditional paper map or downloaded pdf, you will find all control locations on the map. You can thus make up your own course or you can use one of our suggested courses.

There are Short, Moderate and Long suggested courses. If you use the paper map / pdf, you will find these suggested courses on the information side of the map. If using MOBO, you will find that information when you take the MOBO link below.

  • if you don’t yet have MOBO installed then go to Get MOBO
  • navigate the course using MOBO smart device app – go to Orienteer using MOBO
  • navigate the course with a paper map – available to schools & groups

Check out the MOBO website

The MOBO website provides an overview, a map and list of all MOBO permanent orienteering courses worldwide.

Control Descriptions

Control descriptions on MOBO and printed map are in text format to suit beginners. International symbolic format is displayed here for seasoned orienteers as a GIF file or can be downloaded as a pdf below.

Daylesford POC text symbolic control descriptions