MOBO 0-1-2-3

0. About the MOBile Orienteering app

MOBO is a smart device app for orienteering.

Using the app (Android, iPhone or iPad, Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian), you select your location and course. The map and course are downloaded to your device.

Use the app to snap the QR code at the start and navigate your way around the course, snapping the QR code on the post at each control site. Back at the finish snap the QR code again. Press RESULTS on the menu and your times will be shown. Next challenge is to see if you can go faster or graduate to the next course.

1. Get the MOBO app

Either take the relevant link below or, using the QR code reader on your mobile, snap the appropriate QR code below. Android users – try Android (MOBO 2) first and only if that doesn’t work, use old Android which will install the older MOBO.

QR codes to get the MOBO app
Snap relevant QR code to download and install MOBO for your smart device

2. Once installed

In the MOBO app Settings;

  • Enter a name in the MOBO user name field. Used for your results.
  • Tick Allow zoom (untick later if you find it is not necessary)

3. Go orienteering

Go to Orienteer using MOBO